I’m a carefree multipotentialite who enjoys the creative lifestyle. I love cooking delicious, restaurant-quality food that is health-conscious, but I have a weakness for noodle dishes, and trying cuisines from around the world.

As an ethnographer, I have cultivated my love of learning about cultures and traveling after living in Europe during my foreign study program at Dartmouth College. Whether it is visiting a local museum, or curating a performance in a cultural institution, arts and culture play a large part in my busy life.

A healthy lifestyle is important to me as a woman living with PCOS and other sensitivities, and after having lost many important family members to preventable illnesses, including my mom. I hope to share some good finds with you on how to stay healthy and beautiful, inside and out.

I’m a classically trained pianist, a singer-songwriter, and have danced professionally since graduating high school, having performed at some of the world’s most esteemed venues. I’ve studied commercial and fine art, and love making handmade crafts, gifts, cards, and home decor. I have an eye for design, and have made my little Brooklyn studio apartment a calm oasis in the city that never sleeps.

When I’m not performing, cooking, entertaining, reading, writing, taking photos, or voraciously consuming and sharing on social media, I’m geeking out with my guy watching cartoons of today and yesteryear, playing one of my four vintage gaming systems, or watching my favorite lifestyle shows on Netflix or PBS Create.

I’m available to consult for organization and special occasion planning, event curation, interior design, catering and menu creation, and diversity-oriented cultural strategy and programming needs.

Join me on all my creative endeavors, and let’s live life to the fullest as our best selves, every day!