Promo Video for #PEAKBLACKNESS:

Beyonce’s “Formation” was lighting up everything at the time (January 2016), and I knew that by using the song in my promo, I would drum up some buzz and excitement for the performance. I didn’t have access to Adobe Creative Cloud at the time, but knew that I could manipulate a video in Powerpoint well enough to get the point across. To keep the branding of the show consistent, I created the video and show programs with the same font, and kept the colors to a simple black and white scale. What better way to make it plain that race is unavoidable than to keep everything black and white?

It definitely took a while to get the timing just right, but the images matched with the music was key in conveying the power of black womanhood through this promo. The pace of the song made it so that the information could cycle through quickly, but also allowed for multiple viewings to capture the details or listen to the song again.

Today, I would procure some higher res photos, and use After Effects to animate the transitions, while keeping the overall punchy, syncopated timing.

Reimagined Poster for #PEAKBLACKNESS:

These two posters offer just enough information to intrigue and inform, without giving too much away. I like the design featuring the hashtags as a way to reference the power of Black Twitter, but the single show title hashtag stand-alone version is more impactful.

Social Media Presence for #PEAKBLACKNESS:

Using Instagram to advertise the show, I posted video, images, and other show materials (such the show program) to keep the intrigue fresh, and to document portions of the event.

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