It’s the most popular event of the year for developers, and filled with exciting news of innovations, new features, new releases, and new technology. Without question, many people know that the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is an event jam-packed with announcements from Apple, delighting both developers and customers who will use said updates on iPhones, MacBooks, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and other Apple devices as soon as they roll out.

Of all the amazing updates announced at the WWDC 2017 keynote, I am most impressed by the iMac Pro. I’ll go in-depth about the features specific to the new workstation, available for purchase just in time for the year-end holiday season.

The new iMac Pro is proof that the future belongs to creators. With incredibly powerful features that cater to creative types and the tasks they need to complete in their jobs. Despite a steep price tag, the new iMac Pro is “a lean, mean dream machine.”

Some key features include:

  1. Up to 18 cores and Turbo Boost speeds up to 4.5GHz is processing and rendering capacity that a music producer, film editor, or graphic designer would highly benefit from using.
  2. The Radeon Pro Vega graphics chip will allow for 3D rendering in real-time, and higher frame rates for gaming, AR/VR, and special effects.
  3. Up to 128GB of memory for greater capacity, quicker launches, and smoother running.
  4. Three Thunderbolt ports for connecting two 5K monitors for a total of 44 million pixels, and 40Gb/s data transfer speeds.
  5. Advanced thermal cooling means a larger system—67% more power than previous iMacs—that remains cool under 500 watts.
  6. New enhanced stereo speakers with richer sound and thicker bass.
  7. Matching space gray accessories including a new Magic Keyboard complete with a numeric keypad.

Here are the other big updates from Apple announced at WWDC 2017:

  1. Apple HomePod: It’s Siri in an impressive speaker with Apple Music and Home integration.
  2. Apple TV: Apple TV has a new look and feel, and can now stream Amazon Prime Video.
  3. iPad Pro 10.5-inch: Life-like color, 10.5-inch Retina display screen, with new ProMotion feature, holding up to 64GB of memory.
  4. Apple Watch: Siri now powers the machine-learning watch face that features updated fitness tracking and integrations, along with finer notifications for traffic, news, meetings, email, etc.
  5. iOS 11: More powerful to include AR and VR capabilities (ARKit), iMessage synchronization across devices, and upgraded features for Apple Pay, camera, Apple HomeKit, and Apple Music.
  6. Mac High Sierra: Light updates to Safari with “intelligent tracking prevention” and video autoplay blocking.

These popular articles offer concise summaries of the keynote announcements:

Check out the official WWDC 2017 site for more information on sessions, breakouts, and other presentations taking place this week.

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