Medici Gallery in South Kensington, London

After having studied abroad in London, it became one of my favorite places to visit and live. Although I only spent three months studying about art and music in one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities, I would probably have a different experience living there today given how expensive it is, and the fact that I don’t have work authorization for the United Kingdom.

Museum of London Entrance
Museum of London Entrance

My trip was so very meaningful and memorable to me. During my stay, which took place a decade ago, I still remember trying delicious, authentic foods from a multitude of cuisines, and visiting cool museums, theaters, performing arts institutions, and other landmarks around the city. There are some really amazing sights, sounds, and city spots to experience in London. Here are a few of my absolute favorites:

  1. Medici Gallery – steps away from the South Kensington underground station and the Natural History Museum, London, you can lose yourself in this quaint little card shop. Selling gorgeous cards, city-themed paper goods, adorable and affordable gifts, and timeless trinkets by which you can commemorate your trip, a stop to Medici Gallery will not disappoint.
  2. The Museum of London – watch out for some sensitive material that addresses slavery. I won’t say if the account is fully accurate or should be criticized as propaganda; that is for you to decide. However, as with any European museum that is a house for historic objects, keep a critical eye toward the stories and enjoy the masterful, old world, and accessible variety of art chosen for the displays.
  3. The NAMCO Arcade – if you’re a gamer like me who loves all the retro hits but craves a new challenge from time to time, check out this classic arcade right on the Thames River. Nearby London Aquarium, London Eye, and other local attractions along the river should keep you pretty busy for the rest of the day.
Namco Funscape Arcade
Namco Funscape Arcade

Do you have some favorite go-to destinations in London? Have you visited any of the destinations mentioned above? Tell me all about it in the comments section, and don’t forget to check them out on your next London visit!

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